British Metrics Linecard

British Metrics covers the ABCs of British and Metric Hardware and Fittings.

  • Acorn nuts, adaptors, Aerotight, A480, A4109, A4129 , aseptic connections, Adaptaflex products, Air-pro, Aircomp, Aeroquip.
  • British, balls, bolts, ball valves, bearing nuts, ball drivers, bearings, belts, bronze bushings, bonded seals, back up rings, BSF, BSW, BA, bite-type fittings, back up flanges, blind flange, betabite.
  • Caps, castle nuts, circlips, collars-shaft, clevis pins, carriage bolts, conduit fittings, carbide tools, combination wrenches, compression fittings, crowfoot wrenches, calipers, chain-roller, couplings, copper tubing, CU/NI, copper nickel, custom made pipe nipples, custom made parts, CRANE fittings, Cast fittings, Camozzi, cam & groove, Caddy clips.
  • Dome nuts, disc springs, dowel pins, drill rod, dies, drill bushings, DIN flanges, DIN fasteners.
  • Eye bolts, explosion proof glands, endex fittings, electrical adaptors, Eaton.
  • Flare nut wrenches, feeler gages, fittings, flanges, Festo.
  • Grease fittings, grooved pins, gears-all types, glands, gas valves, George Fischer.
  • Hex caps-nuts-bolts-plugs, hex bit sockets, hex keys, hose and fittings, hydraulic fittings, hydraulic tubing, high pressure fittings, Harness-flex, Hy-fitt, Hydrotechnik, Havit.
  • Impact sockets, inserts, in-house made pipe nipples.
  • JIS fasteners, JIC fittings, JIS flanges, John Guest, Jaymac, Jubilee, Jam nuts.
  • KELM, keenserts, keystock, keys-shaft/woodruff, keyway broaches, Kopex products, keps nuts.
  • Locknuts, lockwashers, low head socket caps, lifting eyes, liquidtite conduit, Legris fittings, Larzep.
  • Machine screws, MP filtri, Masterflex.
  • Nuts, nutserts, nylon insert nuts, nut drivers, Norgren, Norma.
  • O-rings, open end wrenches, oilite bushings, oil seals.
  • Pipe fittings, Pins-cotter/dowel/roll/grooved, plugs, pop rivets, pitch gages, pulleys, piping and hose, plastic tubing and fittings, pneumatic fittings and tubing, piston seals, packings, pipe fittings-malleable iron, pipe nipples, pvc.
  • Quality from around the world.
  • Retaining rings, ring bolts, rivets, roll pins, ring gages, rules, roller chain, racks-gear, reducing bushings, Raxton adaptors, Rectus, RSB.
  • Screw-all types, sems, shafting, shaft nuts and washers, shoulder bolts, shim washers and stock, spacers, spanner nuts, spring pins, studs, special cutting tools, screwdrivers, sockets and socket sets, sprockets, shafting most materials, steel handles, shaft seals, stainless fittings, strain reliefs, strainers, seamless tubing, slip-on flanges, Snap-tite, safety valves, ship building parts .
  • Taper pins, thread forming screws, tee head bolts, tension pins, thumb screws, taps and dies, torque wrenches, timing belts/gears/pulleys, tubing-most materials, t-slot bolts, thread repair inserts, threaded pipe nipples, threaded flanges, Tema, Tefen.
  • U-bolts, unions, u-cups and packings, UCC.
  • Valves, V- belts, v-packings.
  • Washers, wing nuts, whitworth fasteners, woodruff key seat cutters, wrenches, wiper seals, weld neck flange, Wade fittings, WRAS.
  • X-recessed screws, x-rings.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Zinc plated fasteners.
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